Twilight's Robert Pattinson - Pictures Prove He's Gay?

Rumours are swirling that Rob Pattinson likes men. I saw New Moon and I’m beginning to think the buzz is right. There was NO chemistry between him and Bella. However, watch Pattinson around Dr. Carlisle Cullen (played by hunky Peter Facinelli) and there’s fireworks!

So the hunt begins!

I’ve yet to prove that Pattinson’s trying to pick up Taylor Lautner but I’m still working on it. Yes, perhaps it’s a delusional fantasy of mine, but imagine Lautner topping Pattinson in a lockerroom?!?!

Good friend of mine heard of my QUEST and kindly sent over a pic of Pattinson kissing another guy. He followed that up with a pic of a younger Pattinson posing bare-chested in a black-and-white photo with a boa around his neck.

Hmmm….Gent’s, have I got your attention yet?

Then I recommend you head over to BareMaleCelebs. These guys have secured a set of photos and vids THEY claim prove Pattinson loves the cock.


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